• FOR BALL LOVERS: The Intensity Men’s Basketball League


    The NBA season is just around the corner, and so is the winter basketball season in Toronto!

    Are you looking for an opportunity to lace up and sweat it out weekly with a league of skilled players? The Intensity Men’s Basketball League is a draft league, which enables it to run at an even and competitive level of play.

    League details:

    Start date: November 10th

    Location: St. Patrick C.I. (49 Felstead Ave.)

    Season length: 15 games (every Sunday)

    Game info: 2-2o min stop time halves | uniforms provided | referees provided

    Cost: $205/player

    Incentives: $10 off league fee for every paying player you bring in (some conditions apply)!

    Email intensityathleticclub@gmail.com for more details!